BabyCenter's Dad Zone
Are you a little concerned about becoming a dad? Well, you are not the only one. Read articles and chat with other dads to prepare for the big day. This site also has words to lullubies and tips on being a great dad.

Fathering Magazine
An online magazine for fathers about fathering. There are stories, advise columns, book reviews and more. It is a nice site that really focuses on being a great dad.

National Center for Fathers
A wonderful reference for dads. It is a very complete site with tips, insight about being a dad, chat rooms, a small store and even fathering training courses.

National Fatherhood Initiative
Another great resource for fathers. There are advice columns, resources for dads and chat rooms. This site also provides materials for establishing local support groups for fathers. is the online resource, reference and network for Stay At Home Dads. The site provides dads with a searchable collection of articles and media clips written by, for, and about primary caregiving fathers.

more sites for dads

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