Dr. Greene's House Calls
Just a wonderful searchable pediatric Q&A site with useful articles on keeping kids healthy and strong. The large number of Q&A are not only organized by category (bed-wetting, sleep, rashes, etc.), but also by your child's developmental stage.

Great encyclopedia of information. This is probably the best known medical website online. Easy to look up conditions that affect children.

Kids Growth
Another wonderful site for getting answers to health questions. This site is run by a group of pediatricians and health care providers. It is very comprehensive. The articles are a little longer and provide a lot of insight. The site is also very well organized with milestone charts, Q&A, behavioral growth patterns, etc.

This site has articles about your child's health and how to deal with different health problems. It also has a section for kids that explains health issues to them, including dangers of smoking and dieting. It is a nice site.

Keep Kids Healthy
Good advice site for health related issues. Topics range from vaccines to nutrition. The site is organized by both topic and child's age.

more health-related sites

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