ABC's of Parenting
A search engine for parenting related sites. All the related sites have been given a rating (1 to 5 stars) It is an excellent source for finding sites. The site also maintain timely articles, recent safety recalls, discussion boards and chat.

Babies Today
A resource maintaining information about a baby's first year. This is a great resource for new moms. There are a number of different articles written by moms that share different experiences. The baby calendar contains a bit too much advertising, but the breastfeeding section is excellent. There are articles written by doctors, bulletin boards, a listing of books and a question/answer area.

Parent's Place
An ivillage parenting community. There are 100's of discussion boards and chat rooms, as well as advise oriented radio shows and new articles. They also let you build a pregnancy calendar and a birth plan. Other sections include a pregnancy newsletter, horoscopes, recipes, and a joke of the day. This is a nice community for parents. It has more discussion rooms and chat rooms than most of the other top 5, but it is less informative in terms of news and research.

The National Parenting Center
Good overall site, but we list it for the product recall list, book list, and college calculator.

Family Corner
This site contains advice / feature articles for parents about everything from helping your baby through teething to fitness to creating a nice garden. It is a well organized site.

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