Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls by Product
This site is the official, up-to-date listing of recalled products maintained by the CPSC. This page organizes all the recalls by product. Two useful categories of information are infant/child products and toys. Safety Webpage
An excellent safety site. There are numerous safety related articles (childproofing, car seat safety, fighting toxins, etc.). Overall, a nice, well organized site that helps you keep your kids safe.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Nice reference site for vehicle safety. This site discusses child passenger safety, results of crash tests, and school bus safety. It also maintains links to recall announcements and provides safety materials that can be downloaded and used in classes.

Paranoid Sisters
A useful site created by two moms. They have a number of safety feature articles. They also categorize different kids related recall announcements and provide links to other relevant sites.

Safe Kids
Another great safety site. This site maintains safety tips and resources about poisons, cars, water/swimming, product recalls and much more. It is one of the best safety sites on the web.

more safety-related sites

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